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Auditing is the procedure which is essential. Without audit there are few parameters to judge and improve on. Audit reconciles the expected outcomes with the ones actually achieved. If there is cohesion then the bar graph for improvement obtained as to the result seeked is evident.

A&M Pallets the company breathing on the names of quality and improvement procedures has strict in-house and out house auditing policies. We however ensure our internal auditing levies so much stress on the desired outcomes that externally not only we prove a viable picture but a favorable one to all standards of desired outcomes.

We at A&M Pallets have cost control department specifically designed to offer incentives for purchase to our end consumers. Without compromising a bit on quality we select the finest wood for the pallets along with the manufacturing procedures which are 100% efficiency and technology based. This is what proves as the deciding factor for us as our efficient procedures require fewer amounts of intermediate energies and waste of time. This builds up to the final product which makes it possible for us to forward the benefits.

The cost is significantly controlled also because of the recycling procedures that are done in house. Here refabricating requires less amount of wood consumed and most of the time reuse of the pallets. Separate departments with pre goals set make a wide difference in the retention of focus and achievement of the desired results.

It is our major inclination at A&M pallets to base our profits on customer satisfaction and their recognition of the value of money obtained. Every day the cost control department carries out the analysis and audit of the manufacturing, purchase and delivery department to eradicate areas of red tapism, undue blockage or any sort of undue time consuming activities which may levy extra stress on the budgeting.
Pallets for its use and ease in accessibility have gained much importance and global recognition. Many organizations worldwide choose to depend on these work horses for their weight management and commuting of machinery and products needs.

Many heavy industries today have made pallets their life and brick of the manufacturing. It is impossible for them to design a layout which lacks the functional operation of the pallet. Simple is the structure and geometry of the object. However the geometry has the ability to manage weights which otherwise couldn’t be imagined to manage.

At A&M Pallets the chemistry formulated for the manufacturing of the pallet doesn’t require the toxic use of substances which makes it recyclable friendly and also conducive to the environment. This design and formulation in turn proves an effective step for our clients as the people and staff managing them do not face the hazards of exposure to any sort of toxic chemical fumes and chemicals.

All the while keeping in mind the bulk need of pallets they are designed in a way which makes them easier to manage in the location. Stacking in a way which allows a lot of them assembled in a certain position and place makes it a possibility. Otherwise it wasn’t possible to design pallets in ways which offer maximum efficiency with the minimum energies utilized.

A&M Pallets is a company based in Houston which speaks acts and operates on productivity. Though simpleton our product may seem but carries the weight of tons. The dynamics of our pallets are matchless to any of the service provider. Following the standards of the pallet making international associations A&M Pallets has definitely with its fine touch and intention of delivering the best has set benchmark standards for others to follow. Rightfully we claim “We are here to serve you best!”
There are many kinds of business headaches. Be it in terms of sales, finance, marketing or operations. Every value adding segment of any business has minor or major issues which cause a business headache. Sometimes these aches linger and are procrastinated by the organization causing it to persist longer than required. However nipping the evil in the bud at that moment restores the normal smooth mechanism of the business leading to effectiveness and efficiency in operations.

A&M Pallets recognizing these headaches provide quality solution of simple and effective pallets which offer major solutions. These pallets though appear simple but offer the wisest answers to the transportation, commuting and picking and machine/product from one place to another. By eliminating headaches not only it means that it minimizes the energy lost in terms of weight management but also our team ensures that these pallets are managed in your facility in a fashion that it optimizes the space management.

Be it the management of your extra pallets or defected broken ones A&M Pallets ensure that the pallets are recycled and extra ones managed. One of the most acknowledged procedures followed at A&M Pallets is that of recycling. The pallets are recycled at the facility ensuring the wood is not wasted and the environmental conservation policies met.

By eliminating our client’s headache we mean that our clients need not worry of the unused pallets. They can be collected and reconditioned by us at our facility. Not only we shall collect the unwanted ones but also pay you the price for it. Hence we at A&M from use to refuse; the management of pallets is completely our responsibility provided the organization forms that chain or liaison of network with us. We at A&M have always strive to ensure that we offer the best solutions to address all types of business headaches.

Today the world, its communication and varied mechanisms has changed the order of the day. People today move away from complexity to simpler avenues and work simplification. It is these simple things which actually form the foundation of a strong sturdy and robust system of operations. Sometimes it doesn’t at all depend on the magnitude of the substance as the smallest and simplest of the objects could achieve the most benefit.

Pallets for an industry act as the simple machines, affordable and adaptable. These simple ones with a simple mechanism, structure and design could ensure a safe and cost effective manageable working environment.

The pallets commonly known as the workhorse of the industry truly are the little simple laborers without which the foundation of the strongest of industries may not prevail. Especially in areas be ita simple industry, work place or a large set up manufacturing unit, pallets form the little horses that support the heavy weighted material on their backs and support their way to their destination.

A&M Pallets recognizing the essentialities and importance of these workhorses design and manufacture them as such, giving regard to its make and finesse. The highly mechanized nailing of the pallets ensures the perfect quality and uniformity of our designs. The light weight of the wood ensures the easy accessibility, management and allowance to commute much more effectively. Also the heat treatment done at A&M Pallets ensures them as environmentally stable and safe.

With the number of clients approaching us for their palleting needs, we have formed a separate customer service unit which gives the various forms of details to our valued clientele of how the benefits could be achieved by them on regular basis. It is true that many of our clients have formed a long term liaison with us which definitely benefits both parties.
Toxic elements in the environment either disposed off or eliminated as operational requirements cause serious damage to the ozone layer. The consequent effect is multiplying the effect of global warming adding on to the depleting trend of the global balance, climate and peace. A&M Pallets is one organization which has gone to extensive lengths to ensure that environmentally friendly products along with safe procedures for their disposal are arranged.

Many times we hear unfortunate events in which disposal of certain materials and chemicals caused clogging of certain drainages and water streams which contaminates the whole vicinity multiplying the danger to the surroundings and people manifolds. Here at A&M Pallets we want to offer this assurance to our stakeholders that we certainly take into account the minutest detail of disposal and wastage. All the chemicals used in the manufacturing and residue are managed professionally with proper arenas arranged for their disposal.

We are firm believers of having a calculated detail of the percentage of waste that needs to be disposed off and hence cater to it as our environmental friendly policy. Similarly pallets after manufacturing and delivery do not necessary mean that the remainder is recycled and we do realize that our end customers sometimes dispose them off in a not very ethic ways. For that we at A&M Pallets take pride that these pallets do not contain any menacing element which acts as a threat to the environment.  Our pallets contain the wood of the finest form which enables a quick recycle and effective re use. However even if that not done there are certainly no fumes or decay which adds on to the garbage of the mother earth.

It is this clarification and information we want to provide our stakeholders with to the extensiveness of thought we put to our environmental concerns.
A&M Pallets recognized for superior quality and service has a variety of satisfied stakeholders. The company doesn’t at all restrict itself only to its consumers, clients, suppliers or other business contacts. However we at A&M Pallets believe in providing a conducive, learning and growing environment for our employees first.

It is a firm belief at A&M Pallets that an organization’s prosperity and success is dependent in house. If the people in the organization are kept motivated and happy, the output definitely shall speak of its strength of the people and procedures. We at A&M Pallets have a series of programs and creative incentives which we use especially to cater to our team well.

One of which is creative uses of unused pallets. We have an in house ongoing program where our creative minds come up with different uses to recycling pallets to ensure the most creative ways in which the pallets could be reused. Many tables, chairs, decoration items and gardens have been furnished using the unused pallets.

The above program is a great source of motivation for our employees to get out there and show their skills which adds color to the pallet making mechanical process. The paints and competition of designing the most creative item from a certain number of unused pallets creates an environment of zeal and happiness.

Many templates and pictures of these are created and displayed for the management to review and award prizes for the different categories every year. We at A&M Pallets create a corporate social environment considering not only the environmental and global element but also the most important human element. We believe that people are the corner stone for the survival and flourish of any business and to keep them happy and prosperous means a thriving upbeat business and its market.
The Significance of Pallets in Industry:

Pallets take the role of the cells of the body for many industries. The industries that have a lot of heavy duty workload to be carried within and from the infrastructure depend on pallets a lot. These small magic boards through its design and matrix can carry the heaviest of the burdens without damaging the item to be picked and placed.

The Role of A&M Pallets:

Now let us be clear. Who are we and what do we offer? We A&M Pallets are the manufacturers and suppliers of pallets in the Houston area specifically. However our pallets are used nationally and in various states for the premium quality we offer and the additional benefits which eventually reduce costs and a degree of inconvenience for our valued customers. Some of our core competencies are:

  •  Timely addressing the needs of your industry and supplying the pallets as per requirements.
  •  Quality of wood used meets all standards of robustness and sturdiness.
  •  Picking up the unused pallets from the location to minimize space management for clients.
  •  Recycling of the pallets at our location, proving an environmentally friendly social behavior. 
  •  The packaging is simple and recyclable.
  •  Our team delivers monitors and manages the pallets assembly and placement when requested.

The Recognition and Team of A&M Pallets:

The ethos of A&M Pallet drives on teamwork, quality and customer satisfaction. The interlink amongst the three has what proved a competitive advantage for A&M Pallets. Today we have organizations who visit our facility to learn the management, manufacturing, operations, sales and recycling procedures. It is this recognition which has earned us a definite pride in the industry.

It is our esteemed promise to our clients that disappointment is one thing that they mustn’t and couldn’t expect from us!